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Ray Ban is a well-known brand which offers a wide range of sunglass designs for men at the best price. Men who are looking for a step up in their fashion looks will definitely love the Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses collection. Designed with an element of simplicity, edginess and sophistication, men can choose the pieces which they find suitable to their character and fashion taste.  Below are three Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses which men can rock effortlessly anywhere they go.

1. Classic Black

Men will always look good regardless of their skin tone, face shape or hairstyle wearing the classic black Ray-ban Clubmaster sunglasses. It gives men that extra touch of macho and sophisticated look to others. The classic black definitely throws in that dashingly handsome vibe for any men at any age.


2. The Peekaboo

The peekaboo effect from Ray-Ban is that light shade lense where others can still see your eyes when talking to you. Compared to the classic black, the brown and light black lense allows others to make eye contact with you especially when you are under the light. Sometimes, it makes others feel comfortable speaking to you as they can see whether you are looking at. However, if you prefer to cover your eyes from making eye contact, pick the classic black Rayban Clubmaster instead.

3. Mirrored reflection

If you are the person who always has tired eyes, terrible eye bags or a black eye (sometimes), go for the mirrored Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. It will definitely do the trick in covering your eyes from being seen while still revealing that macho side of you. Besides that, others can only see their reflection back staring at them and the mirrored sunglasses can give you that confidence you are aiming for.

So lets grab yours now :DD

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